Agency of development of business and investments of the Vologda region My business

Mission of business
To give every citizen of the Vologda Region an opportunity to achieve their business potential.
Aim: realization of the concept of government policy of support and the Vologda Region small and medium-sized entrepreneurship development as well as arrangement of conditions, which stimulate entrepreneurship development, including youth and innovative business, and laying the groundwork for such kind of development.

Our activity is directed at promoting the Vologda Region to run business, increasing income of SMEs, launching Vologda manufacturers’ production on the Russian and international markets, stimulating innovative activity in the Region, forestalling and decreasing of risks in business activity, developing cooperation ties and partnership.

Principles of our work:
  • SMEs is realized due to interaction with public and local authorities of the Vologda Region municipal entities as well as specialized organizations and business entities;
  • Openness – documents concerning government support for SMEs, except for documents or their particular provisions related to state, commercial, business or any other secrets protected by law, are officially published in the official website on the Internet;
  • Systemacity – when developing and realization of support for small and medium-sized business all the community financial, institutional and organizational factors are taken into account;
  • Efficiency – public authorities of the Vologda Region monitor implementation of government support for SMEs, estimate completeness and efficiency of planned events, if necessary decisions concerning adjustments and improving are taken;
  • Availability – all the events are held with the equal access to government support for SMEs given;
  • Target orientation – the developing and realization of government support events, opportunities for getting this support related to SMEs.
SMEs’ goods and services promotion
Consultations on export & import
Education project
Lingvo-support for business
Cluster policy
Media-support for business